Pasture Raised Lamb Western Mass

What do I get?

Here’s how the sample lamb pictured above finished out. Note: Not all lambs will weigh the same going in and coming out of processing. A lamb is an organic thing - everyone weighs slightly differently just like humans.

The following is an example of how we normally have our lambs cut. After almost 30 years of eating our own animals, we have determined these cuts to be the best for our family.

Leyden Glen Farm Packaged Lamb
This sample animal yielded approximately 33.5 pounds of meat.

Loin and Rib Chops
Chops are cut approximately 1" to 1.25” thick. This lamb yielded 24 chops, about 8 pounds.

4 shanks
A shank is the bottom part of a leg. There are about 2.5 pounds here.

The back legs of the animal. Two legs with bone in weigh approximately 5.5 pounds. Boned half legs are often available depending on the season.

Leyden Glen Farm Lamb Legs

The front legs of the animal. Two shoulders, both are boned and tied here, are approximately 3.25 pounds.

Leyden Glen Farm Lamb Shoulders

Ground Lamb
3 to 3.5 pounds of ground lamb

Stew Meat
5 pounds of stew meat cut from various pieces

2 packs of lamb livers, about 1.25 pounds
2 kidneys, about 0.25 pounds
1 heart, also about 0.25 pounds

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