Pasture Raised Lamb Western Mass

What breed are your sheep?
Our base flock is Romney, a dual purpose breed that originated in England and is very popular in New Zealand. Over the years, we have introduced Dorset, Dorper, Shetland, and Border Leicester, usually by purchasing a ram and using him for breeding the flock. We continually try new cross-bred combinations to develop an animal which works well with our management system and within the local ecology of the pastures we graze.

What do whole lambs cost?
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What will my lamb look like?
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What do your lambs eat?
Do you give your sheep any antibiotics or hormones?
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Can I buy mutton? I just read an article about it in the New York Times and I would love to try it.
Can you suggest any good books for learning about cooking meat and about grass-fed animals?
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Do you sell wool?
What breed are your sheep?