Pasture Raised Lamb Western Mass

Is Delivery Included?

No. You may pick up at the farm depending on the season. We can also meet you at a local place such as a library, post office, or parking lot at no charge. If we are coming your way, there will be no charge for delivery. Sometimes we come to Boston (Kristin’s sister lives in Dedham), so you may be able to meet us there for pick-up. Mark frequently travels to the 495 loop in eastern Massachusetts for his other business.

What do whole lambs cost?
Is Delivery Included?
Should I bring a cooler when I pick up my lamb?
What will my lamb look like?
What will my lamb weigh?
What do I get?
Can I get special cuts?
What do your lambs eat?
Do you give your sheep any antibiotics or hormones?
Are your lambs certified organic?
Can I get my lamb fresh, not frozen?
How do I pay?
Can you ship my lamb?
Can you supply restaurants?
Can I buy just a leg or a shoulder?
Can we come to visit your farm to see the animals?
Can I buy mutton? I just read an article about it in the New York Times and I would love to try it.
Can you suggest any good books for learning about cooking meat and about grass-fed animals?
Can I purchase a live lamb?
Do you sell wool?
What breed are your sheep?