Pasture Raised Lamb Western Mass

Can I get special cuts?

If you would like special cuts, they are available by special order. It may take up to two months to fulfill such an order

For instance, if you want the loin as a “rack of lamb” they can be supplied whole. French cut is not available – French cut is the fancy cut restaurants serve with the little curled papers on the bones.

If you want the legs boned, this is possible. Obviously, the boned legs weigh less than with bone in. Boned legs are perfect for butterflying for the grill in the summer or for stuffing.

Thicker chops are available by special order but obviously you will receive fewer chops.

Shoulders can also be cut into shoulder chops or stew meat. After many years of eating our own lamb, we have decided we prefer our shoulders boned. A shoulder roast can be stuffed and roasted or cut it into stew meat. The shoulders have quite a bit connective tissue and benefit from a very slow, low temperature, long roast or simmer or braise.

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Can I get special cuts?
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